Session #2: Enterprise chemistry backend - Cheminfo Stories 2020

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Insight into our JChem technology and toolkits, tune in for news and user stories.

  • JChem Engines update - András Volford, ChemAxon
  • Migration of a central compound management system to state of the art technology - Markus Weisser, quattro research
  • Leveraging ChemAxon tools to automate Nimbus’ SDFile curation - Rebecca Carazza, Nimbus Therapeutics
  • Navigating Massive Virtual (and Real) Libraries - Meg McCarrick, ChemAxon
  • At the end of the session we will provide a technical overview: quickstart to JChem Microservices; guideline to migrate from JChem Oracle Cartridge to our new PostgreSQL or Choral Cartridges and from the old web services to our new microservices.
  • One-on-one online meetings with product experts. If you want to reserve a time-slot, please let us know.

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