Session #4: Designing new molecules - Cheminfo Stories 2020

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Showcasing advanced capabilities for in silico drug design relying on our calculators, Marvin Live - Design Hub and some of our Machine Learning capabilities.

  • Introducing the past and the present of a design and ideation platform - András Strácz, ChemAxon
  • Marvin Live: The Collaborative Design Platform at UCB - Judi Neuss and Karine Poullennec, UCB Pharma
  • Navigating Massive Virtual (and Real) Libraries - Meg McCarrick, ChemAxon
  • Exploring Activity Cliffs Using Graph Databases - Jan Christopherson, ChemAxon
  • Trainable calculations - Ákos Tarcsay, ChemAxon
  • One-on-one online meetings with product experts. If you want to reserve a time-slot, please let us know.

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